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Empowerment Parent Workshops

What are Empowerment Parent Workshops: 


Provides parents/caregivers with an opportunity to:

  • Learn about their child’s educational rights under the federal and state education laws

  • Be empowered to work collaboratively with their school district

  • Develop effective advocacy skills

  • Network with other families experiencing the same journey

Range of Workshop Topics


Workshop topics will be helpful for parents/caregivers who are new or experienced to the IEP or 504 Plan process. 

Cost: Free  


Location:  Virtual via Zoom or in-person at Cornerstone Building,198 Bellevue Ave, Upper Montclair, NJ, 2nd floor Community Room



Sample Empowerment Parent Workshops

It’s a New School Year! Let’s Get Ready


Organizing Your Child’s Advocacy Paperwork 


How Do I know Whether My Child’s Reading Program is Appropriate? 


How  Mental Health Impacts Academics 

Understanding Your Child’s Psycho-educational evaluation-Taking A Deeper Dive Into Assessments

Preparing for your Annual IEP Meeting 


Testimonials By Parents

"The Empowerment Parent Workshops were a lifeline for my husband and I as we navigated the IEP process. It was incredibly rewarding to be surrounded and supported by other parents walking the same journey. Norma connected us to knowledgeable, compassionate experts who shared their tools and wisdom, teaching us how to confidently advocate for our children. Her expertise regarding special education law, years of experience working with schools from elementary to college level and passion for helping families when they need it the most makes her an invaluable resource. "  (Parent of an elementary student)

"Norma’s empowerment workshops have made such a difference in our lives as advocates for our son. For years, we were focused on our child’s needs without fully understanding our rights as parents, or our role in developing his IEP and working with his school. It was only through this series that I finally understand the bigger picture, including the role of an IEP and the responsibility of the school to meet my son’s educational needs. I cannot recommend this series enough to anyone who has felt stuck or frustrated in their efforts to get their child’s needs met." (Parent of a middle schooler)

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